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Your Guide To Motorcycle Body Types


Standard /Nakeds

The standard motorcycles, also known as naked bikes or roadsters, distinctly stand out due their unique upright riding position. The riding position in these motorcycles is neither too relaxed (as is generally the case of cruiser bikes) or too sporty – forward leaning (as is the case of sports bikes). Ergonomically speaking, the feet and the torso of the rider are almost in the same plane. The handlebars are placed such that the elbow, shoulders and wrist of the rider lie in the same line and they give the rider a more sporty feel as compared to the cruisers.

The engine capacity of motorcycles in this category generally vary from 150cc – 1200cc.



Due to the relaxed riding position that cruisers offer, they are more comfortable to ride when compared with other types of motorcycles. The feet of the riders are placed distinctly forward and the handlebar are high above the elbows. Since the bikes offer a relaxed position for riding, they are generally coupled with engines with more low-end torque. This puts the riders at ease and it does not require them change gears very frequently. These bikes are most suited for short to medium journeys over straight roads since the manuverabilty is greatly limited by the relaxed style of riding position.

Motorcycles in this category generally employ large capacity engines (150cc – 1500cc).

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